Carp Fishing - Nomad By Fate - HOME - 4K Ultra HD

What fishing means for most of us ? it seems that some people are obsessed only for the big fish regardless of its true origin...they have no idea, they don't care about what's all around...what has been raped for their fun...the real nature...the real magic ...that you can find discovering places...having no privilege of cold drinks in a bar just next to the peg...or all the comforts like you are sitting on sofa's home , to me being inspired by the surroundings and the environment where i'm fishing is the most important thing...feeling melted with nature,taking breath under the stars,enjoying every single moment in it...almost forget the reason why i'm there...the only record i will always chase is the amount of feelings that nature can offer...we are the only guardians of a heritage that someone are selling and raping ...nature is asking for help...and most of us are turning their backs, we must fight for it.